O Samba do Crioulo Doido


Thursday 9 July
22:30 - 23:00

Luiz de Abreu (Brésil)


 Films et discussion will be presented after this dance performance, in a different place.

Luiz de Abreu uses dance as a means to deconstruct racial identities. The choreographer has Calixto Neto perform yet again the stereotypes related to the representation of a black body, ideologies which are deeply rooted in Brazil. Caught between exoticism and eroticism, de Abreu turns the clichés against himself to mock the unconscious racial connotations even further. In this radical solo, he unfolds a singular choreographic language through which he recentres the question of identity in the materiality of the body. The violence of his composition emerges in the urgency of address the notion of decoloniality, the heritage of slavery and contemporary power relations. The piece, borne by transgressive humour, straightforwardly critiques the inferior condition in which Black people are relegated to. Using gestures such as penile games as a misappropriation of the national flag, the idea is to think of dance as an instrument of physical liberation with the effects of emancipation, an exclamation that paves the way of the body-object to the body-subject. In this new version of the solo, Luiz de Abreu and Calixto Neto worked on the construction of a language of transmission. Through orality, they developed methodological procedures of transmission and production of knowledge from one black body to another.