Wednesday 8 July
20:30 - 21:15
Thursday 9 July
19:45 - 20:30
Friday 10 July
19:00 - 19:45

Rudi van der Merwe et Béatrice Graf (Afrique du Sud, CH)


Trophée (Trophy), an in situ performance, explores the themes of hunting, conquest and military tradition. Three characters dressed in lavish Baroque costumes are escorted by a drummer. Together, they march through a field like an invading army, contorting themselves into women war trophies, hunted animals and ghosts of wars past. Trophée explores the relationship that mankind has with its environment, its need to delineate, possess, tame and exploit. This relationship does not end with nature; it extends to its peers. As new conflicts arise and new identities are formed, humans are slowly reaching the limits of this worldview.



Conception: Rudi van der Merwe and Béatrice Graf

Choreography and Performance: Susana Panadès Diaz, Jòzsef Trefeli, Rudi van der Merwe

Composition & Drums: Béatrice Graf

Stage Design: Victor Roy

Costumes: Kata Tòth

Production: Association Skree Wolf

Co-Production: Festival Antigel

With the support of: République et Canton de Genève