Omni Selassi


Friday 10 July
22:30 - 23:30

Omni Selassi (Allemagne, CH)

Kraut, Post-Punk

A completely mind-blowing experience. With strong influences from the worlds of punk, krautrock, and disco music, Omni Selassi freely unleashes their madness onto the world. The trio consists of a vocalist, two drummers, a guitarist, and a variety of other elements that transcend their sound into an incredible psychedelic vibe. Immersed in this symphony, audience members cannot help but be hypnotised by Omni Selassi and the group’s ability to break through the barriers of convention.



Vocals, Guitar: Rea Dubach: voix, guitare

Drums, Autoharp: Mirko Schwab

Drums, Synthesizer: Lukas Rutzen