Delia Meshlir


Friday 10 July
20:30 - 21:30

Delia Meshlir (CH)

Pop, Rock, Americana

She is a gem waiting to be discovered. After her first release in 2015, Delia Meshlir is back this year with a four-track EP entitled “Almost Spring”. As she joins forces with drummer Arnaud Martin and guitarist Steven Navid, she takes her brand of American-folk to another level that is darker, more rock, more psychedelic, and more imposing. Each track features its own imprint—its own signature—making everything possible. She is an act you will not want to miss, a definite must-watch.



Lead Singer, Songwriter, Guitar: Dayla Mischler: leader, compositrice, chanteuse, guitariste

Guitar: Steven Navid

Drums: Arnaud Martin